Two Dollar Beach
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                                                                                              About Us

Many years ago, lucky visitors to the Island of Tutuila discovered one of the many hidden jewels of American Samoa. Over time, the occasional fishermen, merchant marine, furloughed enlisted person or intrepid adventurer from near and far began talking about this hidden gem. Soon enough, the secret was out, and spending time at the beach in Avaio village became a highly coveted way to spend the day. The price for a day in paradise? Just $2. And thus, the beach was named.

This name has endured for many generations, and will continue into the future. Two Dollar Beach is an unparalleled and iconic venue in American Samoa. We would like to thank all those who have enjoyed our little part of paradise through the years. Thank you for all the BBQs, the birthday parties, the relaxing weekends, the graduation and wedding celebrations, and allowing our beach to be your island getaway. We are honored to have been a part of your joy and memories, and we look forward to continue being your family's destination for fun in the sun.

For several years we have been working very hard to make improvements to the beach to enhance what can only be described as a magical experience– full service bar, modern bathroom facilities, hot and freshwater showers, lounge chairs, bbq grills, available wifi, and many many others. But, some things must and do change – in keeping with inflation, cost of living allowance, taxes, entitlements, public services and the relentless onward and upward march of all things monetary, we have found it necessary to increase the admission to $5. We appreciate your business and look forward to your continued patronage of Two Dollar Beach.